Friday, May 24, 2019

Botanical Gardens Trip – Thanks to the chaperones who joined 1AO, 1DC and 1HM to the botanical gardens this week. 1DE and 1TM are looking forward to their trip on Wednesday. Your child will need a snack and lunch from home. Look for permissions slips for our next trip to the Bee Apiary coming home soon.

Sharing the Planet – Plants – We have enjoyed following our classroom plant growth. We are excited each time a new sprout appears from a seed we have planted. We continue to learn about the many things we use and consume each day that come from plants. Have a look around your house with your child. What would it look like if we removed all of the objects that come from plants?

Writing – The first graders are beginning to explore and write “All About” books. These are non-fiction pieces where we can share some facts about something we know. Does your child have a particular interest in dinosaurs, rabbits, volcanoes, hedgehogs, insects etc? This is a great place to start. What can you teach your friends about something of interest to you? In the coming weeks, we will be learning about how to organize an informational book and what text features we might include in our own “All About” books..

Math – A clear understanding of tens and ones is important as we build our knowledge of place value. Help your child at home by playing with ten and one ruble coins. Can your child show any 2-digit number with the coins? What will it be if I add/subtract a one? Ten? Use the coins to purchase things around the house. You need 57 rubles to buy 5 minutes of iPad time.  Your dessert costs ten less than 83 rubles. More Challenge? Add/subtract 9s and 11s from the number. You need 11 less than 72 rubles to  . . .

Morning Playground – Due to our upcoming playground remodel, first graders will be using the field for recesses before and during school. Beginning June 1, our playground will be off limits at all times. So when the children arrive at school in the morning between 8:00 – 8:25 (Wednesdays 8:45-9:10), they leave their bags against the wall in the tunnel and then go down to the field. Children who normally come into the school with parents or bus monitors and drop their bags in the hallway outside the classroom will continue to do this and then go to the field. We will pick the children up on the field. If it is raining, children should go to the South Cafeteria as usual.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 29 – 1DE and 1TM trip to Botanical Gardens

Thursday, May 30 – Last day of activities

Friday, May 31 – Spirit Day – sport theme

Tuesday, June 11 – Bee Apiary field trip

Friday, June 14 – Summer Field Day – dress for an extended time outside

Thursday, June 20 – Last day, Closing ceremony at 11:00, Dismissal at 12:00, Reports issued electronically

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