Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Enjoy the long weekend!

Two Spirit Days Next Week! – As part of their exhibition project about the importance of bees, some of the 5th graders have asked us to think about bees and dress in black and yellow on Wednesday. This is a good way for us to begin talking about the importance of bees for the survival of many plants as we prepare for our final field trip on June 11 to a bee apiary. Our second spirit day next week will be on Friday. ES student council has invited us to dress in our country colors or national dress on Friday.

Tuesday is Friday?! – Because many school holidays have fallen on a Friday, some students have missed a number of special classes such as swimming. To help make up for this, next week we will have two Fridays. We will follow the Friday schedule on Tuesday and again on Friday. That means 1DE and 1HM should be prepared to swim on Tuesday and Friday next week. After school activities will meet as usual with no day changes.

Sharing the Planet – Plants – The first graders are flexing their “green thumbs” as they begin sowing seeds and caring for plants. Thanks to those students who have helped us understand our connection and dependence on plants by bringing in a plant product from home. If your child has not yet shared a plant product, please help and encourage him/her to do so next week. (Not sure how to help? Have a hunt around your house. Your kitchen alone is full of plant-based products – wooden spoons, olive oil, pasta, maple syrup, coffee, tea, spices etc.)

Field Trip – Plants – As part of our plant study, we are off to the Botanical Gardens in the next few weeks. Look for the field trip permission slip coming home next week. Here are our travel dates: 1DC – Wednesday, May 22; 1HM and 1AO – Thursday, May 23; 1DE and 1TM – Wednesday, May 29. As usual we will be looking for parent volunteers to join us. If you are available to travel to the Botanical Gardens with your child’s class, please let us know on the permission slip.

Writing – As with many of our writing genres, we are adding a “hook” to our opinion pieces. A hook introduces our opinion in an interesting way that will draw the reader in. Ask your child about an opinion s/he is working on and how they will “hook” the reader.

Math –  Writing is not the only time our opinions are important. In math we are beginning to develop our own survey questions. Then we ask our classmates’ opinions, and we are learning how to show the results in a graph. Encourage your child to survey the family and create a graph about favorite family movies, fruit, restaurants, seasons, etc.

Important Dates:

Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10 – No school, Victory Day

Tuesday, May 14 – follow a Friday schedule, 1DE and 1HM have swimming

Wednesday, May 15 – Spirit Day –  Bees – dress in black and yellow

Friday, May 17 – Spirit Day – wear national dress or country colors

Wednesday, May 22 – 1DC trip to Botanical Gardens

Thursday, May 23 – 1AO and 1HM trip to Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, May 29 – 1DE and 1TM trip to Botanical Gardens

Thursday, May 30 – Last day of activities

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