Friday, April 26, 2019

Thanks for sending them dressed as teachers today and for sending money so we could participate in the third grade market day.

Where We Are in Place and Time – Journeys – We enjoyed planning and taking our trip to Belorusskaya station on Wednesday. Thank you to all of our metro trip chaperones. We couldn’t have done it without you! We have been wrapping up our journeys unit this week with discussions about the kinds of journeys we experience and how journeys change us. Next we will move to our Sharing the Planet Unit with a focus on plants.

Reading – As the weather gets nicer, it is great to have more time outside. We hope you can still find time to listen to your child read each day. Reading “just right” books and the chance to discuss them with an adult is important to build our skills and continue to grow as readers.

Writing – So, what do you think? Most of us know what we like and don’t like and are often ready to share our opinions about things. The first graders are beginning to look at opinions in writing as they prepare to write their own opinions with supporting details. You can help your child generate ideas for opinion writing by asking about their favorites and why they like them. What is your favorite season, holiday, sport, school subject, etc. Why do you like it?

Math –  Practice adding a ten to a 2-digit number. Use playing cards (1-9) to play the game called 10 More. Each partner draws 2 cards (i.e. 5 and 8). Decide which will be in the tens place and which will be in the ones place to make the smallest number possible (58). Then add ten in your head (68). The partner with the lowest number gets a point. Now make the biggest number possible (85) and add ten to it (95). Highest number gets a point. First to ten points wins. Need more challenge? Play 10 Less or 9 More/Less or 11 More/Less.

Important Dates:

Thursday and Friday, May 9 and 10 – No school, Victory Day

Thursday, May 30 – Last day of activities

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