Friday, April 19, 2019

Thanks for sending them in their earth colors today as we celebrated earth day. Thanks also for participating in the Zero Waste Snack Challenge and helping make the kids aware of what they throw away. Thank you to all those on the Eco committee and the parent volunteers who organized the Eco Fair today.

Activities Begin Next Week – Please make sure all involved know about your child’s schedule changes, especially the bus company.

Field Trip on Wednesday – As part of our journeys unit we will travel by bus and metro to Belorusskaya station where we will take a look at the commuter trains and maps. Afterwards, we will have a pizza lunch at Il Patio and return to school by bus. Thank you in advance to those who have volunteered to chaperone.

Spirit Day on Friday – The elementary student council invite us to leave our uniforms at home and dress like a teacher on Friday. “Hmmm . . . maybe I will dress like my art teacher, or PE teacher or the principal, or . . . “

Market Day on Friday – As part of their economics unit, the third grade classes are having a market day on Friday. The third graders encourage ES students to bring 200-500 rubles on this day in small notes and coins if they would like to purchase the variety of products sold. All proceeds go to charity.

Where We Are in Place and Time – Journeys – Aside from planning our field trip for next week, many of the first graders shared an artifact from their adventures over the break. If your child did not share an artifact from his week away from school or get an opportunity to share his life journey timeline, he is welcome to do so next week. Thank you to families who helped their children work on a journal over the holiday. We enjoyed sharing them with our classmates.

Math –  Help your child develop some efficient addition strategies with playing cards by playing the game Closest to 10 (use cards 1-7). Each player gets 3 cards and must select 2 that he can add together to get the closest to 10. Keep track of how many points you are away from 10 with each hand. (6+6 = 12, my score is 2 because 12 is 2 away from 10). After a few rounds, add your score, the lowest wins. More Challenge: Play Closest to 20. Use all of the cards. Draw 5 cards each and use 3 of them to get as close to 20 as possible. How many points are you away from 20? Keep track of your score. Add your score after several rounds, the lowest number wins.

Important Dates:

Monday, April 22 – New activities begin

Wednesday, April 24 – Metro field trip to Belorusskaya station

Friday, April 26 – Spirit Day – dress like a teacher, Grade 3 Market Day

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