Friday, April 5, 2019

Enjoy the holiday! Safe journeys to all who are traveling!

Thank you to all of the parent chaperones who helped us at the planetarium and the train museum this week. We couldn’t do it without you!

Life Journey Timelines – Thank you for sending in your child’s timeline this week. We enjoyed sharing them and we learned a lot about each other. If you did not get a chance to do this with your child, please feel free to send it in to share after the break.

Journeys Over the Break? – You may be flying off to another country or hanging out here in Moscow. Whatever the plan, we are asking students to bring an artifact from their week away from school. It may be a souvenir, a photo or drawing, a skiing medal, a ticket to a museum, some sand from the beach, some grass from the park, etc. What artifact will you bring that might be a clue to something you did over spring break? Also, some students were inspired to keep a journal over the holiday. (Completely optional of course!) This should not be a chore, but a place to glue in photos and souvenirs that will help document their time away from school.

Journeys – Another Field Trip! How can we have a journeys unit without taking some journeys? On Wednesday, April 24 we will be taking another travelling journey. Using a map like we did in the Pokrofsky neighborhood, we will plan our route. This time we will be using a Moscow metro map as we plot our journey, first on the bus from school to Sokol metro station and then we will take the metro from Sokol to Belarusskaya station. There we will visit the station, check out the maps and see the commuter trains. No need to send a lunch this time as we will have a pizza lunch at Il Patio, before taking the bus back to school. As we will need more chaperones on this trip, we are letting you know in advance so you can save the date and plan to join us.

Math –  A whole week without school is a great time to get out the playing cards, dice and dominoes and play while you build number sense. Add and count coins. If you have tens and ones, make a 2-digit number with tens and ones coins and then add a one/ten, subtract a one/ten. Is your child beginning to recognize a pattern and adding in his head?

Spirit Day – As Friday, April 19 is the Eco Fair, student council has declared it a spirit day and has invited us to dress in earth colors.

Zero Waste Snack Challenge! – The AAS Eco Green Committee has invited first grade to take part in the Zero Waste Snack Challenge.  In the three days leading up to the Eco Fair, Wed, Thu and Friday April 17, 18 and 19, we ask parents to send zero waste snacks to school for their children to eat during regular snack times. The goal is not to use any disposable packaging  – only food in reusable containers! Zero waste snack ideas: fruit, cheese, sandwiches and cookies in reusable containers. Teachers will discuss with the students why reusable items are better for the environment. It will be interesting to see if we can reduce our waste as the week progresses. Find more ideas for zero waste snacks on the AAS Green Committee Group fb page. Thanks for your help with this!

Activities finished – There are no activities our first week back after the break. Please make sure all involved know about your child’s schedule changes.

Important Dates:

April 8-12 – No School – spring break

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, April 16, 17 and 18 – Zero Waste Snack Challenge!

Friday, April 19 – Spirit day – dress in earth colors for Eco day

Monday, April 22 – New activities begin

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