Friday, March 22, 2019

Short week next week – Thursday is a conference day and No School on Friday.

Conferences – Here’s what to expect at conferences on Thursday – You will come to school with your child (in formal uniform) at your scheduled time. You will be in the room with 3 or 4 other families. You child will spend between 30-45 minutes sharing his learning journey through his chosen work samples, and activities. Then your family is invited to visit the specialists’ classrooms so your child can show you what they have been working on there. See you on Thursday!

Where We Are in Place and Time – journeys – Thank you Pokrofsky residents for marking your house and greeting us on our neighborhood journey today. It was a great opportunity to read a map and relate it to an actual journey. We were happy to find our friends’ houses!

Journeys – Field Trips! Today your child brought home field trip permission slips for 2 field trips the first week in April. We will be going to the planetarium for a virtual journey through the solar system on Monday, April 1 and to the Train Museum on Thursday, April 4 (1HM, 1DE, 1DC)  or Friday, April 5 (1AO, 1TM). All students will need a lunch from home on trip days. Please let us know if you would like to join us on one of our trips by indicating this on the note. Please return both permission slips on Monday.

Journeys – Timeline Homework – This week we are asking each family to help their child develop a timeline of significant events in their lives (learning to ride a bike, losing a first tooth, move to Moscow, birth of younger sibling, etc.). You can represent important life events with labeled photos or drawings, so that your child has a vehicle to share their life journey with the class. Timelines can be represented many ways. Your child should be as creative as they like. Of course an adult may help with some of the writing if needed, but your child should be prepared to share it with the class. Please send in the timelines any day the week of April 1.

Math –  Although we have spent the last few weeks on shapes, fractions and time, we are always reviewing addition and subtraction strategies. Help your child practice his addition strategies using playing cards to play the game Card War. Split the deck evenly. Each player turns over 2 cards and adds them. Look for your child’s addition strategies: starting with the biggest number and counting on, using doubles and double + 1 (if I know 6+6 then I can figure out 6+7 or 6+6+1), looking for pairs that make 10, thinking of ten when adding nine, etc. Need more challenge? Turn over 3 or 4 cards and see how your child groups them to add. Ask why they put those two cards together first. Why did that make adding easier?

Wow! Lots of Important Dates:

Monday, March 25 – return field trip notes

Thursday, March 28 – ES Conference Day – formal uniform

Friday, March 29 – No School – Faculty professional development

Monday, April 1 – Planetarium field trip  – Student timelines due

Wednesday, April 3 – Sign-up begins for next activity session

Thursday, April 4 – Train Museum trip for 1DE, 1HM, 1DC

Friday, April 5 – Train Museum trip for 1TM, 1AO

April 8-12 – No School – spring break

Friday, April 19 – Spirit day – dress in earth colors

Monday, April 22 – New activities begin

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