Friday, March 1, 2019

Next week is a short week! – No school Thursday and Friday for students.

How the World Works – materials – The students are enjoying their explorations of materials. Some classes are investigating how materials change when we combine them. How are the properties of the materials different after we mix them?  Do they change in some way? We are working on projects that show how we can manipulate materials to solve a problem. Ask your child about some of the investigations he has done in class.

Reading – No matter what your child’s reading level is, we want to encourage you to continue to listen to him/her read daily.  We do not get a chance to read with your child each day in the classroom and we really count on parents to ensure that they are getting daily practice and guidance with an adult. Thank you for your help with this.

Writing – The classes have wrapped up the “How to” writing unit. The students brought, or will be bringing home, some of their writing pieces along with a rubric that lets you know how he/she is doing in this unit. We hope your child has an opportunity to share his/her writing with you.

Math –  As part of our shape unit, we are working on partitioning shapes and beginning fractions. Here’s how you can help your child build his understanding of fractions at home. Many will understand about cutting something in half to share it. Are the halves equal? Is it a fair share? Because our experience tells us that 4 is more than 2, it can be difficult to comprehend that ½ is greater than ¼. What happens if we share for 4 people? How are the pieces different? What does the number 2 mean in ½? The number 4 in ¼? Play at home cutting pieces of bread, fruit or playdoh pizzas to help your child develop a sense of the fractions one-half and one-fourth.

Save the date! Thursday, March 28 is a conference day for elementary students. This is NOT on the school-issued calendars, so please add it. Please plan to attend this opportunity for your child to share his learning. This is not a typical school day. Students will only attend school, with you, during your scheduled conference time. More information is in the school newsletter and will be sent home via email, soon!

Important Dates:

Thursday, March 7 – No School – Faculty professional development

Friday, March 8 –  No School – Women’s Day

Friday, March 15 – Spirit Day – Pyjama Day

Thursday, March 28 – ES Conference Day – formal uniform

Friday, March 29 – No School – Faculty professional development

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