Friday, February 15, 2019

Enjoy the break! Safe journeys to all who are traveling!

It was a Super Day! Thank you for helping your child dress in superhero costumes today. It was a great way to end our teacher appreciation week. Thank you for all of the special treats from the PTO this week!

Friendship Cards – Thank you for helping your child with the friendship cards. The students really enjoyed getting them yesterday. We hope you have time to sit down with your child and share them together. Thanks to families who sent in treats as well!

How the World Works – materials – For families that have some extra time at home next week, how about allowing your child some freedom in the kitchen to predict, mix materials, and observe results. Are the materials we started with different after mixing? What happens when we heat or freeze our mixture? We encourage you to photograph or record any experiments or investigations you do to share with the class.  

Writing – A week away from school is a great time to begin writing a journal, but of course this is optional. If you are traveling, tape/glue in your boarding pass or ticket stubs. Write about the journey next to the pass or tell about your souvenir or the reason for your ticket. This is my train ticket for the metro we took to the museum. It was a hot and crowded train. We were glad to get out! Or This is my ticket to the museum. I really liked trying the experiments myself. We put our hands in a box and had to guess what was inside. The children are encouraged to share their journals when we return. It will be a great introduction to our next unit about journeys.

Math – Travelling provides great opportunities to play with math. Look at the time on your boarding pass. What part shows the hour? Minutes? How many minutes is it after the hour? How long will we be in the air? Will there be enough time for a movie? Two movies? When you have arrived, play with coins. Is there a ten? Ones? Can you show 36 using tens and ones? Can you add up the coins we have? How can we share this snack equally for 2 people? 4 people? So many possibilities to build number sense!

After School Activities – New activities begin on Monday, February 25 – the first day back after the break! This may mean different pickup schedules. Please make sure all concerned, particularly bus companies, are aware of your child’s schedule changes after the break.

Skating is finished  – No need for ice skates after the break.

Save this date! Thursday, March 28 is a conference day for elementary students. This is NOT on the school-issued calendars, so please add it. Please plan to attend this opportunity for your child to share his learning.

Important Dates:

February 18-22 – No school – Winter Break

Monday, February 25 – New activities begin

Thursday, March 7 – No School – Faculty professional development

Friday, March 8 –  No School – Women’s Day

Friday, March 15 – Spirit Day – Pyjama Day

Thursday, March 28 – ES Conference Day

Friday, March 29 – No School – Faculty professional development

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