Friday, February 1, 2019

Field Day! – Thank you to our PE teachers for organizing the great activities outside and to the high school students who helped run them. We really enjoyed our time out playing in the snow. Thank you also to the PTO parents who provided the hot chocolate. After getting about in that deep snow, we think many of the first graders will sleep well tonight!

Friday is a spirit day! – The elementary student council has invited us to leave our uniforms at home on Friday as they have declared it Back in Time or Back to the Future day. We can choose to dress from a time long ago or think about what we would like to be in the future. There are so many possibilities. What sparks your imagination?

How the World Works – materials –Thanks for sending mystery liquid bottles. We used them to practice telling about the properties of liquids. Ask your child how he would describe the mystery liquid. Can he use words like transparent, colored, bubbly, etc.? Some have begun to investigate further by mixing solids and liquids. Ask your child about some of the explorations done in class.

Writing – We are beginning to add features to our “how to” writing such as an introduction or a hook. This is our way of grabbing the reader’s attention and drawing them into our pieces. Often our hook is a question. Do you like to play in the snow? Read this book to learn how to dress before going out. Are you hungry? Here’s how to make a tasty sandwich. Ask your child how he introduced some of his “how to” books.

Math –  Although we will continue working on addition and subtraction problem-solving, we have begun a new unit with a focus on shape. Look for 2-D (triangles, rectangles, circles, etc.) and 3-D (cylinder, cubes and spheres, etc.) shapes around the house. Can you find or make 5- or 6-sided shapes? Can you find a cone? Rectangular prism?

PTO Book Swap – Next week your child will get a great opportunity to purchase good books at very reasonable prices at the PTO book swap. The students brought home plastic bags this week with information about the book fair. Send in the bags and money on Wednesday so your child will be ready to shop when his class visits the fair.

Friendship Day is coming! – Thursday, February 14 is Valentine’s day, but in first grade we are calling it Friendship day. We will celebrate friendships by asking every child to bring a card for each of his/her classmates. We are giving you some notice as your child may want to work on a few cards each day. More information about Friendship day as well as your child’s class list came home in the blue folder today.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, February 6 – Sign up for new after school activities begins

February 6-9 – PTO used book fair

Friday, February 8 – Spirit Day – dress  – Back in Time / Back to the Future

Thursday, February 14 – First Grade Friendship day – Send in cards for your classmates  / last day of this activity session

February 18-22 – No school – Winter Break

Monday, February 25 – New activities begin

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