Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday, January 11, 2019

Thank you. We appreciate your swift response to the road closures yesterday. We hope the kids enjoyed their day off today.

Happy New Year to all of our First Grade Families! We jumped right in this week with new units and the students are working well, despite the change in sleep schedules!

How the World Works – materials – We began our new unit of inquiry this week which is an exploration of materials and their properties. We will explore, combine, and attempt to change materials as we learn about the states of matter in this hands-on unit. We are looking forward to guiding our young scientists in their observations and investigations.

Writing – Although many of the students went back to personal narrative writing this week in order to share some of their holiday experiences, the first grade classes began reading and exploring informational “How to . . .” books. In the coming weeks we will discover common elements of “How to” books, think about procedures that are familiar to us (how to make a sandwich, how to get dressed to play in the snow, how to make a snowman, etc.) and begin writing our own “how to” books.

Reading – Please continue to listen to your child read each day. Research shows that one of the best ways to become a better reader is through consistent practice with “just right” books.

Math –  Place value can be a difficult concept for many children. How can 3 be more than 5? Answer: When it is in the number 35. It can be a challenge for many to understand in this number 3 represents three tens or 30. Many students may begin to comprehend this, but continue to reverse the tens and ones. You can help your child build his/her understanding by playing the Place Value Game. Each player divides a piece of paper in half and writes tens at the top of the left side and ones or units on the top of the right side. Spread the playing cards (ace to 9, queens can be zeros) face down on the table. Take turns drawing two cards and placing them on your chart. As the highest number wins, watch as your child discovers which number is best to put in the tens place. Need greater challenge? Add a column for hundreds, thousands . . ., draw one card at a time and decide if you want to put it in the tens or ones place BEFORE you look at your second card; partners place each others’ cards on the chart to try to give them the lowest number.

Skating – Some of the first grade classes were out on the ice this week (1TM, 1AO and 1DE) as our ice skating unit began. Classes 1HM and 1DC will need skates on Monday for their first session on the ice. Here is a reminder of our skating days:

Mondays1DC (12:10), 1HM (14:00)

Tuesdays 1TM (12:15)

Wednesdays1AO (10:10)

Thursdays1DE (12:15)  

Check out our schedule and click on the link to sign up if you can help your child’s class with skate tying:  

Activities Begin Monday – The new session of after school activities begins next week. Please make sure that students, drivers, nannies, and bus company are aware of your child’s schedule changes.

Important Dates:

Monday, January 14 – New activities begin

Tuesday, January 29 – New students or those who missed – yearbook photos – formal uniform

Friday, February 1 – Winter Field Day, Reports issued electronically

February 6-9 – PTO used book fair

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