Friday, November 23, 2018

Conferences – It was great to meet with families on Thursday to share our progress and next steps. Thank you for taking the time to be here.  As always if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher at any time.

How We Express Ourselves – Invention  – This week we turned our attention to problem-solving and inventions. What would you create to help get your kite from a tree or to get across a very busy street, or to get a cookie jar down safely, etc.? We worked on problem-solving plans and inventions. Ask your child about a problem s/he tried to solve this week.  Please continue to collect and send in your recyclables as we continue to design and invent.

Save the date! – Wednesday, December 12 at 9:30 Holiday Concert – followed by Grade One Expo. After our holiday performance in the Bolshoi, parents are invited to our classrooms as we share our learning from our inventions unit. We hope you can join us!

Writing – The first graders began our poetry unit with an investigation of poems and how they are different from other writing. What makes it a poem? Most of the classes began with list poems, choosing a topic like a season and writing a list of words that make you think of that season. Ask your child about some of the poems s/he has been working on in writing. Try writing a list poem with your family.

Math – As we have been working on all the number pairs that make 10, our next step is to use that knowledge to add 3 numbers. Use playing cards (or dice if you want to begin with numbers to 6) to play Draw Three at home to practice this. Each player takes three cards and adds them. The partner with the highest number wins. What strategies does your child have for adding? At first s/he may count all of the dots. Then it is hoped they move on to putting the largest number in their head and counting on from there. Some may then begin recognizing numbers that go together easily like doubles and then counting on. Are they able to recognize pairs that make ten quickly and then add the third card?

Important Dates:

All next week: Taganka Gift bag collection – until December 10

Wednesday, December 12 – Save the date! Holiday concert and First grade EXPO

Wednesday, December 12 – Sign-up begins for January activities

Thursday, December 13 – Last day of Session 2 after school activities

Friday, December 14 – last day of school before our winter holiday

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