Friday, November 16, 2018

Crazy Hair Day – It was a crazy day with crazy hair. Thanks for helping them participate in our spirit day!

Conferences – See you on Thursday –  There is no school Thursday, instead please accompany your child to school at your scheduled time to discuss goals and progress with the teacher. If you have not scheduled a conference yet, please contact the elementary office to do so. Students wear formal uniforms for the conference.

Your Child’s Progress – This week and next the first grade teachers are sending home some evidence of your child’s recent progress. You may have already seen our end of unit math assessment with teacher notes and a half-slip attached about meeting first grade standards at this time. You will also find a personal narrative form, highlighted to show what your child has done in our recent writing unit. You should also find a highlighted rubric from our recent Event Planning Unit. We hope you get a chance to look these over so that you can share any questions you may have at our conference next week.

How We Express Ourselves – Invention  – This week we focused on perspective in our inventions unit. Being a flexible thinker with the ability to see things from a different point of view and with a sense of empathy is an integral part of the design process. Ask your child about some of the projects he worked on this week. Did he look at objects, paintings, numbers in a different way? We will use our skills in perspective as we begin exploring problems and creating our inventions. Please continue to collect and send in your recyclables.

Save the date! – Wednesday, December 12 at 9:30 Holiday Concert – followed by Grade One Expo. After our holiday performance in the Bolshoi, parents are invited to our classrooms as we share our learning from our inventions unit. We hope you can join us!

Writing – The first graders have begun writing poetry. Do you remember any poems that you learned or wrote in school? Can you still recite them?! Share some poetry in your home language with your child.

A Note from the Elementary Student Council – The Student Council would like to encourage all students and families to support the Taganka Gift Giving Fund, taking place from November 20th to December 10th.  As a caring community, we would like to contribute Christmas gifts to the Taganka Foundation which is an organization that supports children with special needs. Your child will bring home a gift bag and more information on Monday. Of course, your participation is optional.

Important Dates:

Monday, November 19 – Taganka Gift Drive begins, fill a Holiday bag for a child in need

Thursday, November 22 – Parent\Student\Teacher conferences – No School

Wednesday, December 12 – Save the date! Holiday concert and First grade EXPO

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