Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween  – Thank you to our class parents for organizing the first grade Halloween celebration, and thank you to all who contributed time or treats to the event! The kids loved it!

Activities Begin – New after school activities begin on Monday. Please make sure that all concerned are aware of your child’s schedule changes.

How We Organize Ourselves Event Planning – Some of the first grade classes had their events this week. One of the most important parts of the process is the reflection on how it went. Talk with your child about their classroom event. What are you planning? What was your part? How did you do? How did your group work together? What went well? What would you change if you did it again? Look for your child’s reflections on Seesaw in the next few weeks.

Help! Recyclables! – In preparation for our next unit about invention and the design process, we need your recyclables. Send in your boxes, milk or juice cartons, plastic bottles, egg cartons, fabric, ribbon, or anything else that might inspire our constructions. Please begin collecting this weekend and send in what you have on Monday. We will begin our constructions early next week and will continue collecting recyclables and creating through December.

Reading – As the temperatures dip, it is a good time to find a cozy spot to listen to your child each day. Please remember to send the books back to school.

Writing – Our week away from school inspired some great personal narratives. Although we will be moving on to another writing genre soon, we will return to some personal narrative writing later in the year. Ask your child about a writing piece s/he has been working on in class.

Math  – How about getting out the playing cards (or dominoes or dice) this week and playing Card War. It is a great way for your child to practice addition facts and strategies for adding two numbers. Begin with the ace, two, three, four, and five cards and divide them between partners. Each player turns over two cards and adds them. The highest number wins all four of the cards. What strategies does your child use? Is s/he saying the larger number and counting on? Does s/he recognize the doubles (2+2, 5+5, etc.) and find them easier? If s/he is ready for a greater challenge, add the 6s, 7s, etc.

Important Dates:

Monday, November 5 – New After School Activities begin

Thursday, November 22 – Parent\Student\Teacher conferences – No School

Wednesday, December 12 – Save the date! Holiday concert and First grade EXPO

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