Friday, October 19, 2018

Enjoy the Autumn Break! Safe journeys to all who are traveling!

Halloween – All ES students come to school in costume on Wednesday, October 31. The first grade class party is at the end of the day. Parents are welcome to join the celebration (in costume or not!) at 14:30. Thank you to all of our class parents who have helped to organize this.

How We Organize Ourselves Event Planning – We continue to discuss events and their purposes. This week we turned our focus on the event we would like to plan and carry out with our classmates. Ask your children about the discussions happening in their classroom.

Reading – We are looking more closely at characters in our read-aloud stories. We are exploring external character traits (tall, glasses, dark hair, etc.) and the more important, internal character traits (something we don’t see that is harder to identify – bravery, honesty, greed, friendliness, etc). How does the author help us get to know a character? This can be a challenge for young readers, because it often requires making inferences based on a character’s actions. Talk about characters with your child when you are reading together. Is this a character you would want as a friend? Why or Why not?

Writing – With a week away from school, we are looking forward to some great personal narratives by first graders who are inspired by their activities and adventures away from school. The week may provide another opportunity to send in some photos to keep in our writing folders.

Math  – This week, first graders brought home a mid-module math assessment. It is a check-in for teachers to guide the direction of our lessons. You will see teacher notes on your child’s paper that may give you a better insight to their work. Will you be traveling over the break? Playing with coins of any currency is great math practice. Can your child count by tens? Use the tens and ones coins to practice counting and making two-digit numbers.

After School Activities – The sign-up for new activities began on October 17 and goes until the 30th. Look for the link on the Penguin Life page of the AAS website or in the ES News if you haven’t signed up already. The next session of activities begins the week of November 5. No Activities the week after the Autumn Break. Please insure that students and all who are concerned with pick-up, including bus companies, are aware of your child’s schedule changes.

Important Dates:

October 17-30 – Sign up for second session activities

October 22-26 – No School – Autumn Break

Wednesday, October 31 – Halloween celebration – students wear costumes to school

Monday, November 5 – New After School Activities begin

Thursday, November 22 – Parent\Student\Teacher conferences – No School

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