Friday, October 12, 2018

How We Organize Ourselves Event Planning – We began our new unit this week with a an inquiry into events – What is an event?  Why do we have them? Our next steps will be to choose our own event to plan, prepare for, and host in the coming weeks.

Daily Reading – Thanks for reading daily with your child. Research shows the best way for students to make reading growth is with consistent practice reading “just right” books. We appreciate your daily efforts.

Writing – The first graders are producing more and beginning to build their writing stamina. They are learning how to stretch their personal narratives by adding details to their work. They can add interest to their stories with details about thinking, feeling, or action. Ask your child about his writing and how it is going.

Math  – Work on number sense with your child by playing Counters in a Cup. Begin with 5 counters (coins, legos, paperclips). Hide some in the cup and ask your child to tell how many are missing. Keep playing until your child can easily tell the missing number, then move on to six counters, seven, etc.

Last week of Activities – We have one week left in this activity session. Sign-up for new activities begins on October 17. Look for the link on the Penguin Life page of the AAS website or in the ES News. No Activities the week after the Autumn Break.

Planning Ahead for Halloween? – All elementary students come to school in costumes on Wednesday, October 31. You may soon hear from your class parents about contributing snacks or volunteering for the first grade Halloween party. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, October 17 – Wear Pink

October 17-30 – Sign up for second session activities

Thursday, October 18 – Last day of Session 1 after school activities

October 22-26 – No School – Autumn Break

Wednesday, October 31 – Halloween celebration – students wear costumes to school

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