Thursday, October 4, 2018

Enjoy the long weekend!

Who We Are – Culture – As we are completing our unit, here are some questions you may want to ask your child: Tell me about something you learned about another culture. Why do you think it is important to learn about someone else’s culture? Did your work in class, make you think about a place you would like to visit to experience the culture?

Daily Reading – Keep working on developing the daily reading habit with your child. Remember the same time and place each day are a good way to start. Please let the classroom teacher know if you feel your child needs more assistance choosing “just right” books.

Writing – We hope the experiences during the 4 days away from school may inspire some personal narrative writing. Please remind your child that there are stories everywhere. If your child can attach any emotion to an event, you might say: “Hey this would be a good thing to write about.”

Pinktober – What is it? The Middle School student council has invited the elementary students  to join them in their breast cancer awareness campaign by wearing pink on Wednesdays in October. This is completely optional of course, but may be particularly poignant for the elementary students as one of the teachers is being treated at this time. We are telling the first graders it is our way of showing her we are thinking about her and wishing her well.

Math  – We have four days without school. It is a great time to get out dice, cards, or dominoes to help build number sense. You can use playing cards to play Slap Five. Use all the cards from ace to five and use the queens as zeros (remove 6-10 and jacks and kings). Split the deck in half and each player keeps a pile face down in front of them. The first player turns over one card, the second player turns over his first card next to it. They take turns putting cards on their pile. When the two cards showing on the top of each pile are a pair that make 5, the first player to slap his hand down on the deck, wins all of the cards.

Important Dates:

October 4 and 5 – No School – faculty professional development

Wednesday, October 10 and 17 – Wear Pink

Thursday, October 18 – Last day of Session 1 after school activities

October 22-26 – No School – Autumn Break

October 17-30 – Sign up for second session activities

Wednesday, October 31 – Halloween celebration – students wear costumes to school

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