Friday, September 28, 2018

No School Thursday and Friday!

Puppet Theatre trip! We had a great trip to the puppet theatre on Wednesday. Thank you to our trip chaperones for joining us. If you haven’t had a chance to chat with your child about the trip, please ask him about the different puppets he saw and what he enjoyed.

Who We Are – Culture – As we begin to wrap up our unit, we shared our learning about culture with the preK and Kg students in our assembly today. Thank you to all of our families who have shared part of their culture with the classes. Our unit and understanding of culture was made much richer through your presentations and sharing. THANK YOU! Your opportunity has not passed! If you would still like to share an aspect of your culture with your child’s class, please contact the teacher to schedule a time.

Reading Homework – Many families talked about reading “just right” books during our goal-setting conferences. We hope your child is developing a daily reading habit with the books he is choosing from the classroom. You will often find that the books brought from the library are not “just right” books. The library is our chance to choose anything of interest to us. Speak to your child if you find they are often bringing the same type of book home and you feel they need a change.

Writing – Often generating ideas for writing is the most difficult part. Please think about helping to inspire your child’s personal narrative writing by sending in some photos of family trips or events. As mentioned previously, one photo of a child on an amusement park ride or at the beach or riding bikes with cousins can inspire lots of good writing. Thanks for your help with this.

Math  – One beginning strategy for addition is to count on. You can practice this with your child with dice, cards, or dominoes. First roll a die. Can your child say the number without counting the spots? If they are recognizing the dot patterns and numbers without counting, you are ready for two dice. Roll two, which is highest? Ask your child to say the highest number and count on the dots from the second die. Using the dice rolls as part of a game to see who rolls the highest number and keeping a tally of points can be one way to keep your child interested. More challenge: Use playing cards or dominoes for higher numbers. Does your child recognize 9 dots on a domino?

Important Dates:

October 4 and 5 – No School – faculty professional development

Thursday, October 18 – Last day of Session 1 after school activities

October 22-26 – No School – Autumn Break

October 17-30 – Sign up for second session activities

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