Friday, September 14, 2018

See you at Goal-Setting Conferences on Friday! – If you haven’t signed up for a time, please do so. No school for elementary students on Friday, instead we will see you with your child at your scheduled time. We look forward to meeting with you. Students should wear formal uniforms.

Who We Are – Culture – This week some of the first grade families began sharing their culture and traditions with their child’s class. Our understanding of culture grows with each presentation. We’ve seen some traditional dress and photos of celebrations, as well as tasted some favorite foods.  We look forward to learning more about each other and our cultures in the coming weeks. If you haven’t contacted your child’s teacher to volunteer, please do so. Scroll down to last week’s blog for ideas on what you might share.

Reading Homework – On Monday the first graders will begin bringing home a book each day as we officially begin our daily reading homework. We ask that families listen to their first grader read for at least 10 minutes each day, but encourage more if your child is interested. The goal is to develop a reading habit and a love of books and stories. This should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. The children are working on choosing “just right” books independently.  At first you may find that these books seem too easy or too difficult as we develop our skills in choosing. If you find it is too difficult, please take turns reading or ask your child to find words s/he knows on the page and you read the rest. When you finish, ask your child what s/he thought about the level and the two of you should decide if it was “just right” or what s/he should look for next time.  Remember this should be an enjoyable experience for you both. Please return the books to school each day. Thank you for your help with this.

Writing – The first grade classes are beginning a unit on personal narrative writing. We are writing about things we have experienced first hand. It can be an afternoon in the park, a birthday party, shopping trip or any event we have experienced. Soon we will find that stories are everywhere. You can help your child generate story ideas by simply saying, “That was fun! It would be a great thing to write about.” Talking about events and asking questions can also spark writing ideas. “Remember when you fell off your scooter? That would be a good thing to write about.”

Online Math and Reading – We recommend daily reading with a book from the classroom and playing math games that are recommended in the blog, but if you feel the need to supplement these, you can use Raz-kids or IXL at home. Your child will bring home the login information in their blue folders.

Important Dates:

Friday, September 21 – Parent-Student-Teacher Goal Setting Conferences formal uniforms

Wednesday, September 26 – First Grade Puppet theater field trip

October 4 and 5 – No School – faculty professional development

Thursday, October 18 – Last day of Session 1 after school activities

October 22-26 – No School – Autumn Break

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