Spirit Day – Thanks for sending us back in time with the clothing today. It is interesting to learn what the kids think about periods of history. We will be back in 2018 and back in uniform on Monday!

Sharing the Planet –  Plants – As our unit continues, we are busy planting, watering, and observing changes in our plants. Please feel free to bring in more plant-based products from home to share with the class. Thanks to Ilya’s family (1HM) for sharing the great plant product video links!

Field Trips – As part of our plant unit, we have 2 field trips scheduled. Our first trip will be to the botanical gardens on June 8 (1DC, 1HM) and June 14 (1WJ, 1AO, 1MS). Our second trip will be to the Kuzminki park apiary on June 18. Look for permission slips coming home soon with your opportunity to volunteer to chaperone.

Writing – We are taking off with our informational books. As well as the typical table of contents and chapter headings, many students are including labeled drawings, maps, bold type words and a glossary. Ask your child what features are part of his/her latest “all about” book.

Math – Inspired by our work with beginning fractions, snack math is happening in some of the first grade classrooms. That’s right, some students are making fractions with their snacks. “I ate half of my apple. I can cut my sandwich into 4 pieces and eat one quarter. How would I cut my muffin to make 3 equal parts?” At home: Practice some snack math at home. Can you nibble that cracker so that one quarter is missing? One half? How could we put jam on one third of the toast?  Don’t forget to play with clocks and timers just to become more familiar with the passage of time and how we measure it.

Important Dates:

Saturday, June 2 – International Day

Friday, June 8 – Field trip to Botanical Gardens for 1HM and 1DC

Thursday, June 14 – Field trip to Botanical Gardens for 1AO, 1WJ, and 1MS

Friday, June 15 –  Field Day!

Monday, June 18 – Field trip to the Kuzminki Park Bee Apiary and grade 1 class party

Wednesday, June 20 – Last day – Closing ceremony 11:00 – dismissal 12:00

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