Friday is a spirit day! No uniforms on Friday. The theme is “Back in time.”  The student council has invited us to dress in clothes from any time period in the  past – perhaps traditional home country clothing.

How the World Works – materials – Many of the kids have been inspired to try some kitchen chemistry at home. Even though we wrapped up our materials unit, we still encourage students to share experiences, photos or videos of the experiments they try at home.

Sharing the Planet –  Plants – We began our plant unit this week with some of the children bringing in an item from home that comes from plants. Thank you for providing this great introduction that helps us see the importance of plants and how we are interconnected. Homework:  If your child has not brought in an item or photo from a plant product to share with the class, please do so next week. Thank you for your help with this.

Reading – Please keep listening to your child read each day and let the classroom teacher know if you feel the books are not “just right.” Remember, it should be an enjoyable experience for your both!

Writing – We continue to work on our informational or “all about” books in writing. If your child has a particular interest in an animal, place, insect, video game, etc., encourage him/her to write an informational book about it. What could your chapters be? What information do you know? What would you like to learn more about?

Math – Part of our current math unit is an introduction to telling time. There are a lot of skills involved in learning how to tell time. Please begin by helping your child develop a concept of time (How long does it take to eat dinner? What can you do in a minute?) Then begin to talk about the times that are important to them. (It is ten minutes to 8. You go to bed at 8:00. That’s in ten minutes.) Let your child set phone or tablet timers for short periods to gain an understanding of what is 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 seconds, etc.

Important Dates:

Friday, May 25 – Spirit Day – back in time

Saturday, June 2 – International Day

Friday, June 8 – Field trip to Botanical Gardens for 1HM and 1DC

Thursday, June 14 – Field trip to Botanical Gardens for 1AO, 1WJ, and 1MS

Monday, June 18 – Field trip to the Kuzminki Park Bee Apiary for all grade 1

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