Crazy Hair Day! – Thanks for sending them with their crazy hair or hats today. We enjoyed being a bit silly today.

How the World Works – materials – As we wrap up our materials unit, the first graders were creating and carrying out their own experiments this week. They decided on a question, made some predictions, and followed through drawing and writing their observations of results. Ask your child about his/her experiment. The students enjoyed being scientists in this unit and they will surely continue experimenting during their open inquiry sessions.

Sharing the Planet – ┬áPlants – As we begin our new unit on plants next week, we are asking each family to send in something from home that comes from plants. Thanks for your help with this.

Writing – The first graders are becoming familiar with the text features of informational books. Ask your child about the book he/she has been working on this week. What are your writing about? Does it include headings? A table of contents? What do you think you will write about next?

Math – We are working on 2D and 3D shapes in math. Have your child go on a shape hunt at home. What shapes can he/she find? How many faces (flat surfaces) are there? Can you count edges and vertices (corners or points)? Can you find a cube, cone, cylinder, cuboid or rectangular prism, pyramid, and sphere?

Important Dates:

Saturday, June 2 – International Day

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