No School Wednesday – Victory Day

Friday is Crazy Hair Day! – That’s right, crazy hair day has been rescheduled for Friday, May 11.

How the World Works – materials – This week the students moved to each of the first grade classrooms to try different experiments. Ask your child about the “Oobleck” he brought home – is it a solid or a liquid? What happens to sugar or eggs when they are heated? How did he make a volcano? Or can he put a tissue underwater without getting it wet? See if your child can use some of the science vocabulary, like solids, liquids and gases as he tells about the experiments he did this week. Some of the kids have shared the experiments they have tried at home. If your child does a bit of kitchen chemistry at home, please take a photo or video so your child can share what they have done with their classmates.

Writing – As we continue writing informational books, we are adding text features that we have discovered while reading. You can help, by taking a walk through a nonfiction book with your child. In your home language discuss the text features that are different from a fiction book. Does the book have a table of contents, labeled pictures, page headings, maps or charts, an index, glossary, etc.? Ask your child if they have included any of these features in their own informational book.

Math – Thank you to those families who sent in a wrapped shape so that we could begin our investigation of the properties of 3D shapes. If your child has not brought in a wrapped shape, they are welcome to do so next week. We’ve had a review of the greater than > and less than < signs in math. We are using them to demonstrate our knowledge of place value and  2-digit numbers. Which number is greater, 34 or 43? How do you know? We hope that students will describe these numbers as tens and ones to determine which is bigger.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 9 – No School  – Victory Day

Friday, May 11 –Crazy Hair or Hat Day

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