Welcome to first grade to Ms. Watts and Ms. Sveta! Josie Watts, our PYP coordinator, and Sveta Mikhaylichenko, our Educational Needs teacher, have gallantly stepped in to take over the first grade classrooms as Ms. Robinson and Ms. Holmgren left Moscow with their families. Welcome to Grade One!

Earth day – Thanks for sending them in their earth colors today!

Market Day – The third grade classes have invited us to participate in their market day on Friday. We suggest that students bring between RUB 300 – 600 in small notes and coins to shop. Some products may cost as little as RUB 20, while others may be as much as RUB 250.  All profits will be donated to charity. It becomes an authentic math experience for the first graders as they choose how to spend their money.

New activities begin Monday –. Please make sure all involved know the changes in your child’s schedule.

How the World Works – materials – This week most of the first grade classes began their investigation of materials with a look at solids and their properties. Next week the inquiry continues with liquids as our focus. Homework for Monday – Each child brought home an empty bottle this week with some instructions attached. Please put a safe household liquid inside and return it to school on Monday.

Reading – As the light in the evenings gets longer and students may have more time outside, please help your child to maintain that daily reading habit. We are hoping that first graders are reading to an adult for at least 10 minutes each day – and perhaps more on their own. No matter what your child’s reading level, it is important that you listen to him/her read to check for understanding and assist with new words. Remember this should not be a struggle, but an enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Writing – Many of the first graders wrote personal narratives this week as they were sharing their holiday experiences. Most of the classes also began an investigation of informational or “all about” books. We started getting ready to write by reading and noticing what elements might be included in an informational book. You can help your child by talking about possible writing topics. “You really like space and know about planets, maybe you should write an informational book about our solar system.” or “You really know a lot about Spain, maybe you could write an All About Spain book.”

Math – We are always working to build our number sense. Here’s a game to try at home that really gets kids thinking about numbers and their relationships. Play What’s My Number? with 3 players and a deck of cards. Two of the three players draw a card and place in on their foreheads without looking at it. (perhaps Dad has a 3 and Mom has a 4) The third player gives a clue, “Mom + Dad = 7, or Mom is one more than Dad.” Mom can see Dad’s card and she must guess what her own card is. Dad can see Mom’s card and must guess what his card is. Take turns giving the clues.

Important Dates:

Monday, April 23 – New After School Activities begin

Friday, April 27 – Bring money for 3rd Grade Market Day

Wednesday, May 9 – No school – Victory Day

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