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Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Grade 1 Team Blog. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 1 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 2! We are learning more about your child as we are getting acquainted in these first few weeks.

Who We Are – Culture – Thank you to all for helping your child prepare his/her “Me” bag. We have enjoyed sharing them and learning about each other. As we move deeper into culture and identity we would like to invite parents to share some of their culture with the class. We are very fortunate to have families from so many different cultural backgrounds and we can learn so much from youYou’re Invited! Please share something important to your family and/or culture with the first graders. There are many ways you can share: How about creating a display for our hallway bulletin board or table? You could visit your child’s classroom and share a special holiday or tradition that is important to your family. Introduce us to some music or a dance from your culture. Share a dish from your home country that your family enjoys. Can you think of another way to share your culture with the first graders? We need you! Please contact your child’s teacher to volunteer to share!

Room Parents – Again we ask for your help. Each first grade class is looking for one or two volunteers to be room parents. If you would like to volunteer or would like to know more about it, please contact your child’s teacher.

After School Activities – Activity sign up began on Wednesday. Check the link in the Elementary Express for the list of activities and your chance to register your child.

Important Dates:

August 26-September 1 – Sign-up for After School Activities

Saturday, September 5 – PTO Family BBQ, Fun Run and Wellness Fair – All welcome!

Monday, September 7 – After School Activities begin

Friday, September 18 – Parent/Teacher/Child goal-setting conferences – formal uniform

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Friday, August 21, 2015

First Week! – It has been great getting to know your children this first week of school. We look forward to working with you.

Who We Are – Culture – This is the title of our first unit of inquiry and it is going to be a great way to get to know each other. What makes us who we are? Often international school students have a great mix of cultural influences – Mum’s, Dad’s, the host country’s. We will begin learning about each other by sharing our identity bags. Today, each child brought home a bag that was decorated at school and is invited to put 5 things to share that are important to the student and his/her family. More detailed instructions are inside the bag. Please help your child choose 5 objects to share with the class on Monday. We look forward to learning more about our classmates as they share their bags and introduce themselves next week.

Math – As we begin building number concepts in math, each child will use an egg carton in class. If you have any 10-count egg cartons at home, please send them in to school on Monday.

Room Parents – Are you available to help organize class parties and events? Your child has brought home a note from our PTO and we encourage you to volunteer and become an active member of the AAS community.

Routines – The first graders are met on the playground each day at 8:25 (except Wed – 9:10). The playground has adult supervision from 8:00. If you are bringing your child into the building, we ask that you help us with hallway congestion and remain in the student lounge area until 8:20. At the end of the day, first grader students can be picked up in the classroom from 3:20-3:30. Thank you.

Library – Most of the first grade classes visited the library this week. Please check your child’s class schedule to see when his/her library books should be returned to school.

Swimming next week! All first grade classes will be swimming next week. Please make sure your child’s swim bag has swimsuit, cap, goggles, towel and shoes for the deck – all labeled please. 

Here are our swimming days:

1HM – Mondays

1WL – Tuesdays

1DC – Wednesdays

1AO – Thursdays

1MA – Fridays

Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 1  – After school activity sign-up begins

Monday, September 7 – After school activities begin

Friday, September 18 –  Conferences – Parent/Teacher/Child goal setting conferences- formal uniform
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Welcome to Grade 1

Welcome to grade 1! We enjoyed meeting many of you today and can’t wait for school to start tomorrow!

A few notes to get us started. First, no formal uniforms tomorrow. PE uniforms need to be worn by children in 1AO and 1MA, while regular school uniforms need to be worn by children in 1DC, 1HM and 1WL.

The opening ceremony will begin at 2:45 tomorrow. If you hope to sit down for the ceremony, we suggest you get there around 2:30.

For those of you unable to join us for the Open House today, you may view the slide show here.

Grade 1 2014-2015 Parents – How to Unsubscribe

Dear Parents of Recent Grade 1 Parents,
We hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to the new school year.
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We appreciate your support this past year and wish you all the best with your Grade 2 student!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Goodbye! Best wishes to all of our first grade families who are moving on to new countries, new jobs, new schools, and new adventures!

Safe journeys everyone!

Reports – Your child’s final report will be issued at 16:00 today on netclassroom. Please see the email from the office sent earlier this week to access them.

Parties! Thank you to all the first grade parents who organized and contributed to class parties this week. The kids had a great time! Special thanks to our room parents for taking a leadership role once again.

Parents, Thank you all for chaperoning class trips, tying ice skates, daily reading, sharing your culture, drying hair after swimming, helping with homework, sending birthday treats, and the many more things you have done to help your child in his/her first grade experience. We appreciate your commitment to your child’s education.

Tips for maintaining skills over the summer holiday.

Reading – 10 minutes a day (listen when you can). Read with/to your child in his first language too!

Writing – Keeping a journal is the best way to maintain skills and interest in writing. Glue/tape in pictures or souvenirs from the day, with a few sentences and drawings about the event. Draw a cartoon with speech bubbles about an event, write stories, poems, songs, etc.

Math – Games with playing cards, dice or dominoes are a great way to help build number sense. Using coins in any currency is good practice. Make up prices and have your child “buy” his dinner wherever you are.

More – The AAS website has links to many online sites that can provide interesting and educational experiences for your child.

Don’t forget to get outside and just have fun!

Enjoy the summer holiday!



Friday, June 12, 2015

Two and a half days! It doesn’t seem possible that the end is here, but it is! Here’s what’s happening next week:

Monday – Class parties will begin at 2:00. Thank you to parents for organizing our end-of-year celebrations!


8:25  School begins at 8:25! Not late start like usual on Wednesday.

11:00 Whole school closing ceremony – parents are welcome.

12:00 Dismissal – Goodbye!

Field trips – Sharing the Planet – We’ve had some great trips to the Darwin museum and the bee apiary. Thank you to our parent volunteers for chaperoning! The students have really made significant connections in our sharing the planet unit.

Field day was a great success! Thank you to our PE teachers for organizing this and to all the specialists for running all of those stations. Thanks to the parents and PTO who organized and ran water stations as well as providing the ice cream!

Language Arts Focus Next Week: Many first graders shared their non-fiction books with friends from other first grade classes today. We’ve learned a great deal from our friends. Please take some time to have your child share his/her informational book with your family.

Important Dates:

Monday, June 15  – class parties begin at 2:00

Wednesday, June 17 – Last day of classes, school starts at 8:25 (not regular late start), closing ceremony at 11:00, dismissal at 12:00

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Thank you PTO! It has been an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week – breakfast, snacks, treats, letters,  gifts – all very thoughtful and very much appreciated. The first grade teachers and TAs wish to thank the PTO for their very generous attention.

Thank You First Grade Parents – Thank you for contributing desserts to the support staff appreciation luncheon today. All those who keep our school running smoothly were grateful for your efforts.

Monday – Sharing the Planet T-shirts – Each of the first graders has designed his/her own “Sharing the Planet” T-shirt and we will wear these instead of school uniform shirts on Monday. We will keep the shirts here at school and change into them when we get to school on Monday. Look for your child to come home in a colorful T-shirt with his/her thoughts on how we should share the planet. 

Tuesday – Bee Apiary Field Trip! Tuesday all first grade classes are off to visit the bee apiary. This is a great way for us to see our connections to living things as well as to enjoy a day out of beeswax candle-making, learning about beekeeping, playing games, exploring the forest trees, and tasting honey. Thank you in advance to our parent chaperones! All first graders will need to bring a snack, water bottle, and lunch from home on Tuesday. 

Spirit Day on Thursday! – No uniform on Thursday. It’s dress for the beach day!

Friday Field Day!  – Students should come to school ready for activities on the field – hat, sunscreen, shoes for running, water bottle

Sharing the Planet – Connections – Most of the classes visited the Darwin Museum this week with 1FJ scheduled for Thursday, June 11. It is a great opportunity to see insects up close and personal. Ask your child about holding a cockroach or having a butterfly perched on his/her finger – a memorable experience!  Our field trips are a terrific way to help us gain an appreciation for other living things and see how our actions can affect the planet. 

Last Day of Activities Today – Please let nannies and drivers know your child’s schedule changes for next week.

Language Arts Focus Next Week: Many students are finishing up and proudly sharing their informational books about a chosen creature. Much of the remaining writing time will be students choosing their own writing topics and formats. Some classes will do a review of opinion writing as students attempt to persuade peers of ways they believe we should be “Sharing the Planet”. 

Math Focus next week: We will continue to build an understanding of multiplication as repeated addition and be introduced to division as its inverse. Students will recognize multiples of 2, 5, and 10 and begin learning their multiplication facts. We will also use drawings and manipulatives to gain an understanding of halves and quarters. Did you know that half of the half is a quarter?

Home Connection: Coins are a great way to make connections between multiplication and repeated addition. Six 2-ruble coins is 6 sets of 2, or 6 X 2 or 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 +2 + 2  which is the same as two 6s or 2 X 6 or 6 + 6. Make your own multiplication problems using one, two, five and ten ruble coins. 

Important Dates: 

Friday, June 5 – Activities finished today

Tuesday, June 9  – All first grade field trip to the Bee Apiary

Thursday, June 11 – 1FJ field trip to the Darwin Museum

Thursday, June 11 – Spirit Day – It’s beach day – No uniforms

Friday, June 12 – Summer Field Day – dress for the weather

Friday, June 12 – school closes at 4:00 – no late buses or activities – all students must be off campus at 16:00

Monday and Tuesday, June 15 and 16 – class parties

Wednesday, June 17 – Last day of classes, school starts at 8:25 (not regular late start), closing ceremony at 11:00, dismissal at 12:00

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