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Category: PYP Key Concept: Change

First Grade: Ceramics Gallery, Reflection and Evaluation

In the next few days, the First Grade ceramic work will be coming home. The majority of students are feeling proud of their work. Regardless of overall final quality, your child has been involved in a long process of generating ideas, developing skills and creating. We have not had time to officially reflect/evaluate, and this is something that would be very worth while for you to engage in with your child.  When your child presents it to you, initiate questions and a conversation regards how the work was created. Where did your ideas come from? What other ideas did you have? Are you pleased with the work? Why? What worked and what did not? How did you make the shape/form? How did you join the pieces? What changes did the clay go through? What was easy for you? What was difficult? Which strategies did you find to overcome the challenges? The use of art vocabulary when evaluating and reflecting upon one’s achievements is as important as the making itself. Art specific vocabulary, practised during this unit, includes: pinch pot, the ‘four S’s’ (Score, Slip, Squish, Smooth), clay, ceramic, fire, fired, firing, kiln, glaze, shape, form, joining. Please enjoy the following gallery of completed work.

First Grade Pinch Pot Animals

First Grade Pinch Pots are complete! Please find a selection exhibited in the glass cabinet near to the ES Office. Students will be able to bring their work home in a few weeks.

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