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Fourth Grade: How We Express Ourselves

(Note; The Youtube video in this post may be more accessible via laptop or PC)

Fourth Grade artists have been working through a six week unit in art which is integrated with their classroom’s Unit of Inquiry. This means that the students focus on the same Central Idea, as they have in class, but through the lens of an artist. The art form, this semester has been painting. Students have applied critical, creative and procedural thinking (Learner Profile Thinker) to investigate and apply rules of composition which are specifically incorporated to draw attention of the viewer, and influence thinking/communicate an idea: Specifically in this case, to create a feeling or emotion through use subject matter, and art elements/principles of emphasis and color.

A large focus of this unit is the importance of gathering feedback for the purpose of reflection/evaluation and identification of ‘next steps’.  Students have shared ideas and gathered feedback as a means to continue to self evaluate their effectiveness as a communicator through art. In the new year, at Student Led Conferences, we will have an ‘Exhibition of Moods’ in the South Cafeteria where all student work is shown. Here, the students would like to invite the school community to guess the mood/feeling of their work. The results of this will help them to evaluate their effectiveness as a communicator. It was fun to see students trying to remain true to their ‘secret’ during Parent Conferences last week. The secret being the mood/feeling they are working on communicating. For those of you who already know, please help to keep the secret!

On Friday, some Fourth Grade students will present at assembly to explain their learning journey to their Fifth and Fourth Grade audience. The video below has been created for the assembly. Below, also a small gallery of some art works by Fourth Grade artists (please note that some still need further work).



Third Grade – Design element: Emphasis

Believe it or not, colored markers are rarely used during art class. The majority of children will own a set of markers at home, and have access to them in their regular classroom.  In art, we want to provide students access to media which they may otherwise not experience. Hence the last few weeks of Printmaking. However, in relation to our Pop Art discussions, markers have been the way to go, and met with equal enthusiasm. Students have observed some work of Roy Lichtenstein, originally inspired by popular comic books of the 1950’s and 60’s. With the design element of ’emphasis’ in mind, students are currently creating their own ‘sound words’ with thoughtful use of positioning, layering, line, and pattern. Color selections are being chosen according to the prints previously created, as the two pieces shall eventually be creatively combined.




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