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Sunday 17 January 2021: All Grades

The First Semester Report Card will focus on the Curriculum Standard ‘Create’ (See National Core Art Standards). Considering the challenges we faced last semester, we were very pleased to see that artists will be artists, no matter what! The Create Standard is about ‘conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work’. This includes:

  • the exploration and safe use of materials and tools
  • discovering procedures
  • idea generation and expansion on ideas
  • on-going reflection and evaluation
  • giving, receiving, and acting on feedback

This came in many forms across grade levels.

  • Kindergarten: explored collage and printmaking through observation of artists Mondrian and Kandinsky
  • First Grade: explored printmaking, and use of sculpture to tell stories about ourselves, and the observation of art elements of color, line and shape through illustrations by Eric Carle
  • Second Grade: painting exploration of the art elements of line, color and pattern through observations of the work of Friedrich Hundertwasser
  • Third Grade: Exploration of symmetry, and radial symmetry and practising basic printmaking methods and procedures
  • Fourth Grade: Exploration of the art element of form, though various construction methods
  • Fifth Grade: Exploration of the art elements of positive and negative space, texture and color through printmaking, embossing, collage or digital art.

Please enjoy our KG to Gr 5 Art Gallery below.







Sunday 17 January 2021: All Grades

Welcome back to school. We hope you are settling in nicely. Please find here an update on the use of our Virtual Art Studio for 2021.

During HYBRID learning, if we have not assigned specific homework, students are encouraged to use the virtual studio when it is their day at home. It is independent choice work. Completed works should be uploaded to the Penguin Art Gallery (students find the link by clicking on the purple splatter painting image on the wall of the virtual studio). Many of our students are also familiar with working on their ‘own art’. This may be something they are specifically interested in, and want to explore by themselves. This work is also welcomed on our Penguin Art Gallery.

Students have been reminded of how to use the Virtual Art Studio during their first art class of 2021.

During DISTANCE learning, when working with a teacher online, students will be required to upload their assigned work for that day, finished or not, to Seesaw. It is very important that students remember to do this, every time they have a lesson with a teacher online. Without evidence of work, we cannot report on progress. Please remind your child of the importance of showing us what they are doing at home. Thank you.

We have two virtual studios which students can access via the link on their teachers schedule during Hybrid, or via Seesaw. One is aimed at Grades 1-3. The other to Grades 4-5. They look similar, but the content is different.

We look forward to working with you all again and wish you all health and happiness for 2021.

Wednesday 16 December: Second Grade Painting: Brave Warrior

Brave Warrior: I commit to my artwork. I use skills to go deeper into my artwork. I can stick with my work and problem solve when challenges come up. I can manage my time and finish my artwork.

We have been so pleased with the efforts of many Second Grade students who have been demonstrating our Studio Habit of Mind ‘Engage and Persist’, otherwise known to students as practising the habits of the Brave Warrior!

We feel so grateful that this week, students were able to return to the studio and were more than happy to pick up the work started more than a month ago, when they were last in school.

This week, students have taken a moment to view their paintings and reflect, taking into consideration, the questions “Is this really finished?” and “What more can I add, to make it feel really complete?”

Together as a class, partly finished works were observed and discussed. Ideas such as adding more color, line, patterns, and filling empty space, were mentioned, as well, as pressing harder, over previously created lines to create stronger, and more clear marks in the the work.

The practise of reflecting upon, gathering feedback, and refining work over time, to a point of completion, is an expectation detailed in the National Core Art Standards: Create.

These beautiful Second Grade paintings were originally inspired by observing the work of Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. Noticing the vibrant colors and use of ‘anything but straight’ lines in this work, students have specifically learned skills in color mixing with tempera paint, and their attention has been drawn to the art and design elements of line, repetition, pattern, variety and contrast.

Please enjoy a few examples of completed work, from our Second Grade artists.

5 December 2020: Fourth and Fifth Grade New Virtual Studio

As we return to Hybrid next week, students shall receive in their teacher’s weekly schedule a NEW virtual studio. On days that students are at home, they should explore this studio and select an activity to try. This studio allows students to choose from the following:

  • I am and Artist: Allows students to work on personal interests in an art form of their choice. They should listen to and watch the videos on the two slides which explain that this is an opportunity for those truly dedicated artists who are keen to work on the art on a more regular basis than once a week. For this W.O.W, they are encouraged to use Seesaw to document their process.
  • Captain Connection: Allows students to observe the work of other artists and follow guided activities or find inspiration for their own art
  • Art for Change: Mainly directed at Fifth Grade Students, in preparation for next year’s PYP Exhibition
  • Museum Art: Directs students to the Tate Kids website, where students can find fun information, and activities of interest to them
  • Practise Skills: Provides some tutorials in drawing, printmaking, painting and paper sculpture
  • Famous Artists: Provides students information on the life and works or artists with a suggested activity as follow up.

Any work inspired by these links should be posted to the Penguin Art Gallery

4 December 2020: First, Second & Third Grade

As we return to Hybrid next week, students shall receive in their teacher’s weekly schedule a NEW virtual studio. On days that students are at home, they should explore this studio and select an activity to try. This studio allows students to choose from the following:

  • I am and Artist: Allows students to work on personal interests in an art form of their choice
  • I am Detective Dot: Allows students to closely observe and recreate well known works of art
  • Step by Step: Allows students to follow tutorials by the very popular Cassie Stephens
  • Famous Artists: Allows students to hear a little about the life and work of some well known artists, with a follow up activity to try (credit to Color My Monday)

Any work inspired by these links should be posted to the Penguin Art Gallery.

First Grade: Monday 30 November 2020

We are thrilled to welcome First Grade back to school this week! This means we can all use paint in the studio environment. This is very exciting! We shall continue the work we started during Distance Learning. That is to OBSERVE the illustrations of Eric Carle. Students will observe closely and respond to questions “What do you see, and what more do you see?”, specifically noting his use of the art elements, color, shape, line and texture, In addition, to speculating “How might the artist have created this work?” In order to support this work, it would be most helpful if students are exposed to as much of his work as possible. Please find, in Seesaw Activities, five Eric Carle Read Alouds. If you are seeking something for story time, these would be a great choice!

16 – 27 November: Information: Distance Learning Art

Photo: Stock Photos from Undrey/Shutterstock

Distance Learning starts again Monday 16 November. Parents will have received detailed information from our Elementary School Office and Home Room Teachers. Our togetherness as a community is as strong as ever and we thank you for your continued support.

You will have received information about our ES Enhanced Schedule, which has been modeled to ensure less screen time and more time for creating! Here are a few bullet points, from our Art Studio Perspective.

  • Please ensure your child is sitting upright, at a table or desk, complete with their art materials, in good time for the start of the art lesson.
  • The length of art class is the same as in hybrid, in that Gr 1-5 have one hour allocated for art. However, KG – Gr 2 will receive a maximum of 30 minutes screen time and Gr 3-5 a maximum of 40 minutes. The remainder of the art time is for students to work independently, away from the screen.
  • The screen time will depend on the lesson, grade level, and mostly how the students are responding at the time. In some cases, it may only be 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Ms Helen, Marina or Lyudmila, or all three, will be present to greet the students and introduce the lesson and outline expectations.
  • Students will be required to upload a photo of their work at the end of the art time, inclusive of a title, to explain it.
  • They may also spend more time on their art in the afternoon, if they have time.
  • The absolute deadline for students to upload to Seesaw is 3.30pm. We always reinforce the importance of documenting process. Therefore, students will upload what they have done, even if it is not finished.
  • Students are encouraged to keep all the work they do, in a safe place near their work station. They may need it at a later date.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email, should you have any questions.

Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school! We have completed our first 12 day cycle and all students Grades 1-5 have had an opportunity to get accustomed to our newly arranged art studio. In fact, it looks much the same as before. The difference being, the socially distanced seating, and more than usual, individualised sets of materials in order to adhere to AAS safety procedures. Students have already demonstrated high levels of responsibility by sanitizing hands upon entry and exit, wearing their masks appropriately, staying seated in their ‘space’, and touching only what is necessary for their learning. They have already learned to place used items at our ‘cleaning station’ and learned to disinfect their table/chair before the end of the lesson. Bravo artists!

During Hybrid, you will have noticed that on the ‘home’ days, students have been provided a link to the Virtual Art Studio (pictures above). This allows students to freely engage in aspects of art which is of specific interest to them. Due to their experience with our choice based art program last year, our Grade 2-5 students are already familiar with independently setting up a workspace, generating their own ideas for art works, engaging in research, creating, presenting and reflecting. Those who are interested to create their own art at home are encouraged to upload photos of it to our Penguin Art Gallery. The link to this is found by clicking on Penguin Art Gallery Image, on the homepage of the Virtual Art Studio. Sharing their work with others allows them a sense of pride in their work, and they also may find inspiration, by viewing the work of their peers. During art time at home, they might also choose to simply listen to/view, art related stories, found in the virtual art library, or they may spend time exploring the styles of various artists. The Origami Room and Art Hub, allows them to engage in some fun skill building through tutorials. It is your child’s choice to engage in their own creative work, or make use of the Virtual Art Studio. It is recommended that students take a moment to further explore the studio each week, as new items will likely be added in time.

Please note that as long as we are working in a hybrid situation, students should not upload work done at home, to Seesaw. We hope to save Seesaw for school work, and keep the Penguin Art Gallery for choice work done at home.

It’s been a great start!

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