Million Dollar Potatoes!

In conjunction with the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ Unit, and focus on the Central Idea, that ‘Media is manipulated to influence thinking’, Fourth Grade artists present to you, their million dollar potatoes!

Having critiqued and analysed various advertisements, and noticing the artist’s intentional use of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, Fourth Grade applied their knowledge and understanding by creating fun compositions to emphasise and draw attention to an otherwise dull product/object, the potato.

In class, artists have enjoyed observing and discussing their peers compositions. They have worked on incorporating specific artistic vocabulary to describe the work and identify the thoughtful use of color, line, space, contrast, balance and emphasis within the work. Please enjoy today’s gallery of our million dollar potatoes. Are you convinced?!

Thank you to artists Areg, Dylan, Jun, Anita, Minjun, Izzy, Juliet, Valter, Kenzie and Anna for allowing us to share their art, on our ES Art Blog.