Welcome back to school. We hope you are settling in nicely. Please find here an update on the use of our Virtual Art Studio for 2021.

During HYBRID learning, if we have not assigned specific homework, students are encouraged to use the virtual studio when it is their day at home. It is independent choice work. Completed works should be uploaded to the Penguin Art Gallery (students find the link by clicking on the purple splatter painting image on the wall of the virtual studio). Many of our students are also familiar with working on their ‘own art’. This may be something they are specifically interested in, and want to explore by themselves. This work is also welcomed on our Penguin Art Gallery.

Students have been reminded of how to use the Virtual Art Studio during their first art class of 2021.

During DISTANCE learning, when working with a teacher online, students will be required to upload their assigned work for that day, finished or not, to Seesaw. It is very important that students remember to do this, every time they have a lesson with a teacher online. Without evidence of work, we cannot report on progress. Please remind your child of the importance of showing us what they are doing at home. Thank you.

We have two virtual studios which students can access via the link on their teachers schedule during Hybrid, or via Seesaw. One is aimed at Grades 1-3. The other to Grades 4-5. They look similar, but the content is different.

We look forward to working with you all again and wish you all health and happiness for 2021.