Brave Warrior: I commit to my artwork. I use skills to go deeper into my artwork. I can stick with my work and problem solve when challenges come up. I can manage my time and finish my artwork.

We have been so pleased with the efforts of many Second Grade students who have been demonstrating our Studio Habit of Mind ‘Engage and Persist’, otherwise known to students as practising the habits of the Brave Warrior!

We feel so grateful that this week, students were able to return to the studio and were more than happy to pick up the work started more than a month ago, when they were last in school.

This week, students have taken a moment to view their paintings and reflect, taking into consideration, the questions “Is this really finished?” and “What more can I add, to make it feel really complete?”

Together as a class, partly finished works were observed and discussed. Ideas such as adding more color, line, patterns, and filling empty space, were mentioned, as well, as pressing harder, over previously created lines to create stronger, and more clear marks in the the work.

The practise of reflecting upon, gathering feedback, and refining work over time, to a point of completion, is an expectation detailed in the National Core Art Standards: Create.

These beautiful Second Grade paintings were originally inspired by observing the work of Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. Noticing the vibrant colors and use of ‘anything but straight’ lines in this work, students have specifically learned skills in color mixing with tempera paint, and their attention has been drawn to the art and design elements of line, repetition, pattern, variety and contrast.

Please enjoy a few examples of completed work, from our Second Grade artists.