As we return to Hybrid next week, students shall receive in their teacher’s weekly schedule a NEW virtual studio. On days that students are at home, they should explore this studio and select an activity to try. This studio allows students to choose from the following:

  • I am and Artist: Allows students to work on personal interests in an art form of their choice. They should listen to and watch the videos on the two slides which explain that this is an opportunity for those truly dedicated artists who are keen to work on the art on a more regular basis than once a week. For this W.O.W, they are encouraged to use Seesaw to document their process.
  • Captain Connection: Allows students to observe the work of other artists and follow guided activities or find inspiration for their own art
  • Art for Change: Mainly directed at Fifth Grade Students, in preparation for next year’s PYP Exhibition
  • Museum Art: Directs students to the Tate Kids website, where students can find fun information, and activities of interest to them
  • Practise Skills: Provides some tutorials in drawing, printmaking, painting and paper sculpture
  • Famous Artists: Provides students information on the life and works or artists with a suggested activity as follow up.

Any work inspired by these links should be posted to the Penguin Art Gallery