Welcome back to school! We have completed our first 12 day cycle and all students Grades 1-5 have had an opportunity to get accustomed to our newly arranged art studio. In fact, it looks much the same as before. The difference being, the socially distanced seating, and more than usual, individualised sets of materials in order to adhere to AAS safety procedures. Students have already demonstrated high levels of responsibility by sanitizing hands upon entry and exit, wearing their masks appropriately, staying seated in their ‘space’, and touching only what is necessary for their learning. They have already learned to place used items at our ‘cleaning station’ and learned to disinfect their table/chair before the end of the lesson. Bravo artists!

During Hybrid, you will have noticed that on the ‘home’ days, students have been provided a link to the Virtual Art Studio (pictures above). This allows students to freely engage in aspects of art which is of specific interest to them. Due to their experience with our choice based art program last year, our Grade 2-5 students are already familiar with independently setting up a workspace, generating their own ideas for art works, engaging in research, creating, presenting and reflecting. Those who are interested to create their own art at home are encouraged to upload photos of it to our Penguin Art Gallery. The link to this is found by clicking on Penguin Art Gallery Image, on the homepage of the Virtual Art Studio. Sharing their work with others allows them a sense of pride in their work, and they also may find inspiration, by viewing the work of their peers. During art time at home, they might also choose to simply listen to/view, art related stories, found in the virtual art library, or they may spend time exploring the styles of various artists. The Origami Room and Art Hub, allows them to engage in some fun skill building through tutorials. It is your child’s choice to engage in their own creative work, or make use of the Virtual Art Studio. It is recommended that students take a moment to further explore the studio each week, as new items will likely be added in time.

Please note that as long as we are working in a hybrid situation, students should not upload work done at home, to Seesaw. We hope to save Seesaw for school work, and keep the Penguin Art Gallery for choice work done at home.

It’s been a great start!