One of the National Core Art Standards which will be reported upon at some point this school year, falls under the title of ‘Present’. It involves students gaining and understanding of preparing works for preservation and exhibition.

This week, students in Grades 2-4, have taken a moment to stop, and consider their work to date. Provided with a new folder for ‘My BEST finished work’, students have been relying on peer feedback to consider what it means for a work to be complete, and making decisions on how works might be improved or refined. With this, they have been ‘finishing up’ personally selected pieces, to store for a future exhibit.

Once works are complete and selected, students have continued to work at their own rate, choosing colored paper on which to single or double (or in some cases, triple) mount their work. Color combinations have been considered, and some have been inspired to take their work a step further by presenting in new creative ways, including making use of their own exploration work, as a background to another.

When the work is finally displayed for an audience, you shall be able to view entirely student centred work, inclusive of presentation. It shall therefore appear more child like than work previously seen in school art displays (ie. in some cases, not quite as tidy!), inclusive of developing stages of cutting skills! Artist statements shall also follow.

Pieces that are not selected for this folder are still considered valuable experience which led to final products, and kept in the student’s ‘Process Folder’. Please enjoy some photos of artists independently developing their own visual art portfolio.