Seesaw activity continues to grow and students are becoming more independent in documenting their process. At present, no written reflection/evaluation is being required of students. We have simply been continuing to explore ways in which we can record our process or final products. Every lesson, students are required to upload their chosen plan for the day, and at least one photo which shows achievement, as a means of developing the habit of ongoing documentation.

There is also a new enthusiasm amongst some students to take this further by working on time lapse videos to demonstrate activity, specifically inspired by the work Nathan 3CB. Well done Nathan.

The following videos (with sound) would most likely be best viewed from a laptop or PC.

Nathan’s Video

Zahra’s Video

Anthony’s Video

Silvijn’s Video

Zain’s Video

We have now had approximately eight art classes. It is wonderful to see the variety of exploratory work ,and motivation which comes with our choice based art program. Students are now very familiar with choices within the Drawing and Painting Station and ways in which to navigate and be in control of their learning and environment. After the October break we shall begin to delve into the question of ‘Where do artists get ideas’? through some brainstorming and critique/analysis work. Students will then work on idea generation, leading towards a W.O.W (Wonderful Original Work of Art), hopefully in time for December break.

These are exciting times. Wishing you a restful holiday and safe travels.