You may have noticed increased activity on Seesaw lately. Items posted by students are likely to consist of:

  • my planning document
  • my workspace
  • today’s achievement

Over the last two cycles, there has been a strong emphasis on organisation of workspace and an introduction to documentation. No longer do students enter a room with tables nicely set/arranged. It is entirely their responsibility to consider which tools/materials they will need and to arrange these for themselves, in an organised and safe manner. Small considerations such as placing the water cup at the top, so as not to knock it over, are of high importance! Or showing that we know to lay a brush down rather than stand it in the cup. Likewise, students are entirely responsible for tidying the room and returning all to its correct home. For fun, we have been referring to the tables as ‘Five million dollar’ tables and students have been eager to create the most perfectly clean tidy work space! Such enthusiasm in cleaning up is great to see!

Students are now in the routine of completing a planning document which helps them to decide their activity and select appropriate tools and materials. Presently, only 2D choices are available (painting or drawing). They are selecting their choice of activity by identifying with characters named ‘HOMies’. These are based on the Studio Habits of Mind. The Storyteller creates an artwork which has personal meaning to him/her. He/She is a ‘Communicator‘. Detective Dot is the observer: students who chose to observe from real life objects, pictures, or books. He/She is an ‘Inquirer‘. The Explorer asks “What if…?” as he/she experiments, plays, and investigates through various materials and tools. He/she is a ‘Risk Taker‘.

And Finally…

Students are currently being introduced to the notion of independently documenting their process and progress. At this stage, no written or verbal reflection has been required of them. The point is to begin to develop the habit, without being instructed to do so by an adult. A few students have already started, by simply uploading a photo of a stage of the work, or a more complete image, presented as an arrangement, which demonstrates achievements during that lesson. Work may be complete, or not. Taking the responsibility to independently document, is the goal for now.

Watch this space for further developments in our Choice Based approach to art.