(Videos with sound in this post may be easier to view from a laptop or PC)

Second Grade have continued with the Transdisciplinary Theme of How We Express Ourselves, and addressed the question “How do artists see and represent, the human form?”  and the line of inquiry “Artists draw upon mathematical and scientific knowledge when creating artworks”. From the PYP Learner Profile, we have been focusing on being ‘Knowledgeable’.

To date, students have experienced the art forms of painting, ceramics and now, we are focusing on wire sculpting and mixed media.

This unit flows nicely from our Portrait unit in January. Students have made connections with previous knowledge about facial proportions, as we began to consider proportions of the entire body. Using simple stick figures, students have studied line, proportion and movement through observation of (some very keen) volunteer models (photos below and additional ones posted on Seesaw). They have worked on noting how the body bends through various joints – what is possible and what is not. And with this considered how ‘action moves’ in various sports and dance, can be observed.

The video below demonstrates the ‘Tuning In’ and ‘Investigation’ stages of this unit (first two weeks)