Week Two of art rotations is complete and things are gaining momentum. Some artworks are appearing successful, some not. We shall need to gather some community feedback after the February Break. Our first week was exciting and energetic, and most students had the opportunity to explore two or more art forms. In recent days, we have taken a breather. A quick reflection: What is happening here? In some cases random acts of creativity, not necessarily connected to what has gone before.  Is this one big paint festival?! What was our original goal? Students are becoming increasingly aware of the power of individual contribution, for the good of the collective whole and the need for communication with their collaborative peers from other classes. Now, as they leave the room, notes are being eagerly written, for the ‘next artist’, with intention to inform him/her of their thinking, in hope that the next contribution to the work, may be more effective. From this we can see a sense of pride and camaraderie developing. A splendid new development this week! Here below, some ‘Dear next artist…’ letters and some video clips from the last couple of days. Wishing you all a rested holiday.