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Third Grade: HWEO: Storytelling through Art

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Please refer to the blog post dated 8 December to understand the context of this blog post. As a reminder, this is a transdisciplinary unit (How We Express Ourselves” with the shared Central Idea: ‘Through examining the arts, people gain insight into culture’. 

Third Grade Learners have continued to investigate the question “How does art help us to understand the lives of people of different times, places and cultures?” by focusing on the dot paintings of the Australian aboriginal people. The majority of students now recognise the symbols in the work and understand that the stories they tell, relate to cultural beliefs, environmental factors and lifestyles.

Students have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own dot paintings. These artworks are not intended to recreate an aboriginal style painting at all. But rather to gain experience with new materials (Tempera on canvas). To allow for some individual creativity and artistic knowledge and skills, they have been encouraged to select their own thoughtful color combinations and make choices to include symbols they have learned, or to create their own to tell a short story. There has been much freedom, with the focus on controlling the materials and tools. Their Seesaw post should demonstrate some reflective thinking, inclusive of challenges they met and strategies for improvement.

Lola’s Seesaw Post demonstrates her understanding that symbols in a work can reveal a story. She also discusses her choice of color combinations, the challenges she met and strategies for improvement.

Click here to view/hear Lola’s Seesaw Post

Please enjoy the video below of students at work and some final artworks.


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  1. Ms. Klosinski

    Wow! I would love to hear more about the stories these symbols tell!

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