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In recent weeks Second Grade Learners have been thinking about the importance of owning some scientific and mathematical knowledge in order to create a self portrait, and their ability to reflect upon their learning. Using iPads, they have closely observed their own facial characteristics, in addition to looking at a number of images to help them with shape of hair, and placement of eyes, nose, mouth.  When viewing your child’s work on Seesaw, be sure to ask him/her about the steps he/she took to create it: specifically the diversity of hair shape within their class, and the measuring of facial proportions. Students have also worked on mixing a variety of colors to create a skin tone to match themselves, inclusive of surprising colors such as green, blue, red, purple.

Seesaw Posts: Reflection helps learners develop their ability to articulate their process, with increasing use of art vocabulary. Learners have worked together to identify a range of challenges met, and a variety of strategies to overcome them. This should be included in their speaking/writing. Students are learning that Seesaw posts are not only a means for final presentation. It is also a means of documenting learning throughout. It took much courage for some students to upload un-finished work (“… but I don’t want my Mom to see it like this”). These students should be praised for taking this risk and noting that the work is not finished, and articulating their ‘next steps’ for the work. Well done to those students for finding the courage.

Please find below, two examples of Seesaw Posts, a YouTube Video/Slide Show of student work and a Second Grade Portrait Gallery. Enjoy!

Izabel’s Self Portrait and Reflection


Bella’s Self Portrait and Reflection


Second Grade Portrait Gallery