Next week is the last for Fifth Grade Art for a while. A gallery of completed work shall be posted soon. As part of the Curriculum Standard ‘Create’ students are required to:

Create artist statements using art vocabulary to describe personal choices in art making (Create: Reflect/Refine. Continue: VA: Cr3.1.5a)

As mentioned in previous posts, students have been encouraged to foster the habit of documenting their process via Seesaw. Feedback has been provided to all who have done so, as a means to guide students towards this final task, and encourage the use of art specific vocabulary. A student who is exceeding expectations will speak or write in depth, covering the following areas.

  • the art form
  • in which ways and from whom did they find inspiration
  • an explanation of their use of contrast, movement and space in the work
  • challenges met during the process
  • strategies employed to overcome the challenges met

A handful of students have already completed their Statements. Here are some great examples.

Listen to Soheun 5FR here.

Well done also to Sona 5FS (Link to image and Audio)

and well done to Mikayil 5FS (Link to image and Audio)