As First Grade attend art only once a week, it takes time to follow through the inquiry cycle. Our artist’s are almost finished and ready to start something new.

In the past few weeks students have become more focused in their printmaking skills (Develop Skills). Exploring new tools, patterns and textures, inclusive of layering, they have been working to create prints with improved quality. Discussion has focused on ‘what makes a good print?’ ‘What are we looking for?’ ‘What is working, and what is not?’ and ‘What do I need to do, to improve it?’ Applying less paint, moving the tools slowly, and not pressing so hard, are some solutions discovered.

Having completed their printmaking skills, we returned to the Key Concept of ‘Function’ and the function of pattern/motif design from a variety of cultures. With their knowledge of motif patterns, students have been asked to use their creativity to create one of their own, with a specific item to be ‘decorated’ in mind (a fan, a fabric, a plate). Students have been asked to plan carefully (Generate Ideas/Plan), considering the tools they wish to use, the colors they will apply, and the style of motif (nature, organic or geometric shapes/patterns), and apply to a newly created print (Create).


To finalise, students present their work on Seesaw and to parents. If it is convenient for you to visit the art room during 3 way conferences, students can show their Process Journal and discuss the various stages of investigation, challenges met with printmaking skills, idea generation, their ability to follow their plan, or choices/reasons to change it, and engage in an overall reflection and evaluation with parents. If there is no time for you to visit the art room, a photo will be available in their classroom, of their work, or of them working, which can act as a springboard for discussion.