It was a pleasure to meet families today as students welcomed them into their art studio to decide on an art goal for the year. If you were unable to come, and would like to have a discussion about it, please arrange a time with me via email. Meanwhile, students could also work on this at home with parents. A fifteen minute discussion, to arrive at one final realisation was sufficient. We started by asking students if they already had a goal in mind. Those who did were helped to categorize it by one of the following ‘bigger ideas’ and create a ‘goals sheet’ to be placed inside their Process Journal for the year. Those who did not come with a preconceived idea, were offered a range of suggestions from which they could choose, or find inspiration. These bigger ideas were created in a way to provide students ways of incorporating their art goal into everyday life, as opposed to during art class alone.

  • Love Learning
  • Respect
  • Contribute
  • Discovering Art
  • Creativity
  • Reading and Art
  • Follow my Dreams

During these meetings students were also encouraged to think about how they can achieve these goals. What is specifically needed in order to work towards this ongoing goal? Example, those who said they would like to learn to draw animals: Suggestions included, finding ‘how to draw’ books in the library, watching (with parental consent) Youtube Tutorials (eg. How to draw tigers), and better still, drawing from real life (draw pets in your living room, or a family visit to the zoo), or begin a photo album and sketch book around the topic of animals, or cut out magazine pictures also. The point is to have students understand that there are a variety of sources from where they can find and gather information and find inspiration to assist them in their personal learning journey.

Personally I found these discussions to be very insightful. It provided me an opportunity to hear about the individual’s specific interests, their enthusiasm, and it was also fantastic to hear some students explaining their work to their parents, with great use of art vocabulary!

Please find here, the suggestions which were provided and an example of the ‘Goals Sheet’ and which will be placed inside the Process Journal, of those who have selected a goal for a year.