In their last week of art this year, Second Grade students considered methods and techniques for presenting their work to the viewer and for their portfolio. Perhaps the most fun element for those who had the time, to get really creative! Completed or not, it was time to document their final product – the wire figure. Students assembled tiny studios to photograph their work. With this they were required to consider the overall ‘look’. What is in the background? Which colours would create contrast and therefore best emphasise what they wanted the viewer to see. What could they add to narrate a story (optional)? How could they position the camera, in order to avoid unnecessary visual information (eg, the wall, carpet, etc)? Some chose to work collaboratively, some independently. All students by now, should have completed a Seesaw entry. These you will be able to view in the next few days, as they become teacher approved. Here, some photos of students in action.