Select/Share: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation

Third Grade Students are currently completing their work by preparing it for presentation on Seesaw. In the next few days, you should receive notice of their final work for this years art class. The photographs in the gallery below have been created by students themselves. Through this, they have been carefully considering aesthetics, selecting a section of the work, which is most pleasing to the eye, and seeking out good examples of texture, movement, contrast, repetition and so on.

Through class discussion, it has been pleasing to hear so many students remembering the content specific knowledge about the artist and her connection to our unit ‘Sharing the Planet’ Some have written or spoken about this in Seesaw. With this they are also required to document their thoughts about the process of creating a collagraph print, the challenges met, and how they over came these. They have been encouraged to apply art specific vocabulary. Some students have written or spoken in reasonable depth. Some, simply ran out of time. They should have at least, uploaded their photo.

As always, it has been such a pleasure to work creatively with AAS Students. I look forward to seeing them again in Fourth Grade. Enjoy our final gallery of the year.