As we enter the last week of art for Second Grade this year, students are finishing up their wire sculptures, and now considering creative possibilities for presenting them. Students areĀ  required to upload a photo of their work, completed or not, to Seesaw, and complete a short reflection. Time permitting, they are creating their own ‘scene’ or background for the character they have created. Here, we have our first completed work, by Luke (2KB) who has created a pool, for his wire sculpture ‘diver’. Well done to Luke. Look out for Seesaw reflections this week.

All three units this year have addressed the central idea ‘Artists use their creativity in many different ways to express their feelings and ideas’. Lollipop Tree paintings, Clay Tiles, Self Portraits, and Wire Sculptures, will be returned to the classroom, so that students may refine any unfinished work in the next few weeks, and have the opportunity to present pieces of their choice during the end year Grade 2 Exhibition “How We Express Ourselves”