Creative Process: Tune In/Research, Develop Skills, Make Personal Connections, Generate Ideas, Plan, Create, and throughout, Reflect, Evaluate and Improve.

This unit has focused on the following PYP Learner Profiles: Inquirer, Thinker, Knowledgeable, Caring

Second Grade Art Class is drawing to a close for now. The new schedule, which has allowed art to take place twice a week has been beneficial in providing students greater continuity. Students have been guided through the creative process in a way that in future years, they will manage independently. The following slide show will be viewed by students next week and help them to gain clearer understanding of the progression they have experienced. Reflection/Evaluation occurs throughout, and to end, students have been taking a final look at their work and making basic notes about their experience. Second Grade Students will return to art class, the week of 3rd December to further explore the Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘How We Express Ourselves”.

Can I take it home? This is a frequent question, and it is wonderful that students feel so proud of their work. The Ceramic Tiles Relief work (after firing) will be kept in school for a few weeks to be exhibited in display cabinets. Also photos shall be taken as a record of student achievement, before being sent home. We therefore need to keep them for approximately one more month. 2D work will be kept until the end of the school year. Parents are welcome to view their child’s work in school – please email to arrange a mutually convenient time.

(First Slide Hundertwasser image borrowed fromĀ