In the past few weeks students have become more focused in their printmaking skills. Exploring new tools, patterns and textures, inclusive of layering, they have been working to create prints with improved quality. Discussion has focused on ‘what makes a good print?’ ‘What are we looking for?’ ‘What is working, and what is not?’ and ‘What do I need to do, to improve it?’ Applying less paint, moving the tools slowly, and not pressing so hard, are some solutions discovered.

Now in the final stages of the creative process, students have returned to questions over the function of motifs and patterns in everyday objects, noting function as decorative and often inspired by personal experience and therefore connection with, cultural identity. Students are currently working on organising their thoughts for a design of their own to apply to an everyday object. They are required to consider color, shape, pattern, repetition and texture in generating ideas for a background which can be applied with their own, unique motif design.