Note to self: Second Grade students LOVE working with clay! Every student has been fully engaged. All have arrived excited and ready to start. All have listened and taken care to follow artistic procedures. All have been mindful of safety with tools and respectful in sharing them. All have contributed to tidy and clean up time. All have been trying their best. All have shown willingness to elaborate on and extend ideas. It has been wonderful to observe students demonstrating their ability to Love Learning, Respect and Contribute! Some classes are now moving on to the final stage of their studio work. It is easy to say “I have finished”. Students are now spending the next two lessons learning to take their work further by ‘Refining’. It’s time to step back, self evaluate and ask peers, what can I do to improve it? Noting that empty space is not interesting to look at, students are using a tools to add a variety of textures to both shape and space to bring more interest to the work. It is also important to vary the patterns in texture, in order to maintain sight of original shapes. In addition to this they are ensuring that all pieces are secured, cleaning up and smoothing out rough surfaces/edges where necessary. The first of the finished works are emerging and it is inspiring to see, the capabilities of a Second Grade student.