We hope you had a great holiday and are excited to be working with you this new school year, 2017-18.  Please take a moment to subscribe to the Second Grade Art Blog, in order to receive email notifications of class updates. Simply enter your email in the box provided, to the right of this page. Also for details regards the nature of our program, please click on the tab above, named ‘Visual Arts Curriculum’

This year, all that we do in art class, will continue to connect to the central idea ‘Artists use their creativity in many different ways to express feelings and ideas’ (PYP Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves). Our work will always be inspired by investigations into an artist, art  movement or genre, and students will follow through the practise of skills in various media with importance frequently placed on the step by step creative process. ‘Artful Thinking’ will also take place at times in home rooms, as a means of further developing visual literacy, reading and thinking strategies (http://pzartfulthinking.org) Artworks from a variety of cultures shall be observed and discussed throughout the year.