Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great holiday and are excited to be working with you this new school year, 2017-18.  Please take a moment to subscribe to this First Grade Art Blog, in order to receive email notifications of class updates. Simply enter your email in the box provided, to the right of this page. Also for details regards the nature of our program, please click on the tab above, named ‘Visual Arts Curriculum’

We start the year with a Transdisciplinary Unit. This means that class teachers and I are working closely in planning the current Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are. The PYP Central Idea, being addressed in both class and art class is as follows ‘Exploring culture allows people to develop a sense of self and make connections with others’. Such integration allows for students to make powerful connections in multiple subject areas.

During the next few weeks, First Grade artists will be involved in an inquiry into cultural identity through design. We will be looking at motifs and pattern in particular. Parents can help by drawing awareness to cultural patterns/motifs/designs which may be found at home or any familiar environment, helping students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the visual characteristics found in design from their own culture or that of others. We shall be using art vocabulary to describe motifs and patterns – whether they consist of images of nature (animals, birds or plants) or decorative shapes (geometric, or organic). Specific art vocabulary to note: Motif, pattern, line, geometric shape, organic shape, color, and repetition.

Students have already begun to draw from observation and this week, will begin some basic printmaking with use of traditional Indian woodblocks, and regular stamps, with which they can create a variety of patterns on paper.

Thank you for your attention and please stay tuned!